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Faux Flower Stems

Our range of luxury faux flower stems provide a range of texture, colour, style and size for you to create your very own Everbloom arrangement from home.

Olive Green HydrangeaOlive Green Hydrangea
Olive Green Hydrangea Sale price£12.50
Blush Pink Rose SprayBlush Pink Rose Spray
Blush Pink Rose Spray Sale price£10.50
White Peony SprayWhite Peony Spray
White Peony Spray Sale price£9.50
Green Ranunculus SprayGreen Ranunculus Spray
Green Ranunculus Spray Sale price£12.50
Powder Blue HydrangeaPowder Blue Hydrangea
Powder Blue Hydrangea Sale price£12.50
Medium White HydrangeaMedium White Hydrangea
Medium White Hydrangea Sale price£12.50
Cream FoxgloveCream Foxglove
Cream Foxglove Sale price£12.00
White CosmosWhite Cosmos
White Cosmos Sale price£12.00
White PeonyWhite Peony
White Peony Sale price£9.50
English Blossom BranchEnglish Blossom Branch
English Blossom Branch Sale price£12.50
Sold outCoffee HydrangeaCoffee Hydrangea
Coffee Hydrangea Sale price£12.00
White Ranunculus SprayWhite Ranunculus Spray
White Ranunculus Spray Sale price£7.50
White ScabiousWhite Scabious
White Scabious Sale price£12.00
Blush Pink HydrangeaBlush Pink Hydrangea
Blush Pink Hydrangea Sale price£12.50
Viburnum Bud SprayViburnum Bud Spray
Viburnum Bud Spray Sale price£12.00
White Wax Flower SprayWhite Wax Flower Spray
White Wax Flower Spray Sale price£8.50
Sold outLarge White HydrangeaLarge White Hydrangea
Large White Hydrangea Sale price£16.50
Green ViburnumGreen Viburnum
Green Viburnum Sale price£12.00
Pink FoxglovePink Foxglove
Pink Foxglove Sale price£12.00
Pink Peony SprayPink Peony Spray
Pink Peony Spray Sale price£9.50
Maiden's Blush RoseMaiden's Blush Rose
Maiden's Blush Rose Sale price£8.50
White Magnolia BranchWhite Magnolia Branch
White Magnolia Branch Sale price£12.00
Soft Cream Peonyfaux cream peony blooms
Soft Cream Peony Sale price£10.50
Peach Peonyartificial peach peonies
Peach Peony Sale price£10.50
Perfect Pink PeonyPerfect Pink Peony
Perfect Pink Peony Sale price£10.50
Cream & Pink RanunculusCream & Pink Ranunculus
Cream & Pink Ranunculus Sale price£7.00
Sold outShabby Green HydrangeaShabby Green Hydrangea
Shabby Green Hydrangea Sale price£12.50
Shabby Pink HydrangeaShabby Pink Hydrangea
Shabby Pink Hydrangea Sale price£12.50