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Article: How to Style Your Faux Flowers

How to Style Your Faux Flowers

How to Style Your Faux Flowers

Your beautiful stems have arrived and now it’s time to style them. You might be wondering where on earth to start. Well, the great news is that it’s super simple no matter what kind of faux flowers you’ve chosen. If you’ve purchased a bouquet, it will arrive hand-tied and already arranged for you. If you’ve opted for a selection of single stems, or want to style your faux bouquet yourself, then here’s how to arrange your stems in a few simple steps…

1. Choose your vase

First things first, it’s worth considering which vase you’ll use. Long or short? Wide or narrow? Glass or ceramic? These variations will all have an impact on what kind of faux flower display will work best. We recommend a vase with a narrow neck – our Bloomville Stone Vase is a great example – as this style will work best for gathering the stems together neatly.


2. How will they be displayed?

Next up, think about the display of your fake flowers. Will this be one-sided, or will it be 360 to really show off each stem from every angle? Again, this will make a big difference to how you choose to arrange them.


3. Arranging: focal stems

After you’ve considered those two initial factors, it’s time to start arranging your beautiful stems! As a general rule, insert your focal stems first. These are the boldest and most colourful, so you’ll want the rest of your faux bouquet to work around them.


4. Arranging: filler stems

Now it’s time to add your filler blooms. Place these evenly around your focal stems, readjusting as you go to get them looking just right.


5. Arranging: foliage stems

Last but not least, it’s time to bring your foliage into the mix and watch all of your gorgeous artificial flowers come to life as a complete bouquet! Similarly to your filler stems, these should be spread evenly around your focal blooms (and ideally behind them if you have a one-sided display).


6. Tweak to perfection

Once all of your stems have been inserted, spend some time spreading them out evenly in the vase. Don’t be afraid to bend them to the shapes and directions you want until you’ve achieved your perfect display!


7. Enjoy for as long as you like!

And, of course, remember you can always switch up the arrangement when you fancy a refresh. It’s amazing how just a few small changes can make it look like you’ve got a brand new faux bouquet! With the right faux flower care, they’ll last for years and years, so you’ll get to enjoy plenty of opportunities to remix your blooms!

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