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Article: The Environmental Benefits of Faux Flowers

The Environmental Benefits of Faux Flowers

The Environmental Benefits of Faux Flowers

We don’t often talk about sustainability here at Everbloom, but there are lots of benefits to choosing faux flowers over their fresh counterparts. It’s a sad truth that buying fresh flowers when they’re not in season can be harmful to the environment. Of course, fake flowers shouldn’t have to replace fresh entirely, but they’re a great alternative to fresh flowers that are out of season or mass produced. Let’s take a look at why… 

1. Reduced C02 emissions

Fresh flowers can release harmful CO2 emissions at each stage in their life cycle, from ensuring optimal temperatures in countries that are either too hot or too cold, to transporting them overseas, to the emissions they release once thrown away. Faux flowers are also often produced in large quantities, but the emissions associated with their production can be balanced out by their long shelf life.


2. Less water wastage

When it comes to the fresh flower industry, the majority of cut flowers sold at supermarkets come from developing countries. It’s in these destinations that the level of water required for cultivating flowers is creating a huge strain on already-limited water resources. Opting for faux flowers instead can help alleviate these strains.


3. No pesticides

A large number of cut flowers are grown in countries where little pesticide regulation exists, meaning potentially dangerous chemicals are used. These can remain on the flowers during transportation and when put on display in supermarkets. During the lifecycle of fresh flowers, as much as 90% of applied pesticides evaporate – worsening air pollution and public health crises. Choosing a faux bouquet eliminates the concern of pesticides on your flowers.


4. Less of an environmental and human impact

Did you know that 90% of all flowers in UK supermarkets come from Colombia or Kenya? As a result, the fresh flower industry is inevitably a fundamental part of these economies. Take Kenya, where the country’s floriculture industry would take priority over its people during times of political unrest. What’s more, the industry is putting immense pressure on native wildlife and its habitats.


5. (Much) longer lasting

Fresh flowers need to be replaced often – they last between 10-15 days on average – meaning increased toxins, emissions and packaging. What’s worse, with each repurchase of fresh flowers, we re-incur all of those environmental damages over and over again. It’s true that similar toxins, emissions and packaging can be involved within the supply chain of artificial flowers, but because they last for years, or even decades with the right faux flower care, we don’t re-incur these same damages.


6. Regift rather than throw away

It’s a common misconception that fresh flowers can be easily composted, but it’s not always that simple. Fresh flowers can be composted at home, but most end up in landfill sites which don’t allow the right amount of contact with oxygen. This means that the waste biodegrades anaerobically and produces methane as a result. In positive news, when it comes to parting ways with artificial flowers, they can be regifted, and if they do end up in landfill (which we hope they don't!), they won’t release the same harmful emissions.


7. The same psychological benefits

Fresh flowers and greenery bring us joy, but do we lose those psychological benefits with fake flowers? The answer is definitely not! Studies have shown it’s the appearance of flowers that boosts our mood and alleviates stress. So when it comes to switching from fresh to faux, none of the psychological benefits are lost, but plenty of environmental benefits are gained. Result!

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