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Article: 6 Reasons to give Faux Flowers a Go!

6 Reasons to give Faux Flowers a Go!

6 Reasons to give Faux Flowers a Go!

It’s official: the switch from fresh to faux flowers has become a serious trend. With good reason too. Fake flowers have come a long way since the days of being deemed tacky and cheap-looking. Thanks to improvements in quality and style, a lot of them are so realistic it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between fresh and faux (it’s not just us saying this, but our customers too!). With such a wide range of artificial flowers now available all year round, they also make for a much more curated interior statement, just like a work of art or a coffee table book!
 So, what are the top six benefits of adding a beautiful bouquet of faux flowers to your home? Here’s our view…
  1.  Blooms that last for“ever”
One of the benefits our customers enjoy most is that faux flowers are extremely long-lasting (so long as you take care of them, there really is no reason to throw them out!). Unlike with fresh flowers, you won’t need to update your display from one week to the next, unless you fancy a refresh, of course.
  1. Go Green with Faux
Faux flowers are not only great for us, they’re great for the planet too. Sadly the shelf life of fresh flowers, alongside supply chain inefficiencies and the sheer scale of the industry is resulting in its growing carbon footprint. This means artificial flowers, which can last for years on end, are a fantastic, and much greener alternative. Learn more about the environmental benefits of faux flowers here.
  1. Seasons change, faux flowers stay the same 
A faux bouquet looks great no matter the season! Of course, you can always choose a more seasonal arrangement, like Kensington Gardens for a striking summer statement or Seven Sisters for a burst of autumn colours, but a classic, neutral faux bouquet works perfectly all year round (check out our favourite neutral bouquet A Moment in Mayfair).
  1. Flowers for the busy people 
By opting for faux flowers you’ll get to spend less time maintaining your display and more time enjoying it. Artificial flowersare super easy to manage and only need a bit of dusting during your normal cleaning routine. With no need for watering or direct sunlight, you can display them wherever you please… without the risk of spilling or killing! 
  1. No more sneezing!
If you suffer with allergies, you’re probably fed up with reaching for the tissues every time you approach your fresh flowers. So switch to faux flowers, which are hypoallergenic, and say goodbye to those allergy annoyances for good.
  1. Anyone can embrace their inner florist! 
It’s true! Faux stems are much less delicate than their fresh counterparts, meaning no matter how much of an arrangement aficionado you might (or might not) be, creating an expert-level faux bouquet is possible for everyone, beginners included! To learn how to make your faux flowers look their best, check out our top tips here.
Has this sparked inspiration to give faux a go ? Browse our collection and choose your perfect blooms.

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